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A literal bucket full of games (for More is Better Jam 2015)

  • Super Monkey Mega Shootout: Shoot monkeys
  • Dragon Butt: You are a Dragon Dildo and you need enough lube to fuck the butts
  • Jump: One of those infinite running games with bugs and no polish
  • General Election Simulator: Please never let me write political satire it will be terrible and it will end up like this please so help me god
  • Guess The Animal: But it has to rhyme
  • Stuff A Tory In A Locker: do it
  • Button Clicker: Click a button a lot and something might happen. Maybe
  • Impossipong: Pong in which the AI cheats


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dragon_butt.exe 2 MB
super_monkey_mega_shootout.exe 2 MB
jump.exe 1 MB
General Election Simulator.html 195 kB
guess_the_animal.exe 2 MB
stuff_a_tory_in_a_locker.exe 1 MB
button_clicker.exe 1 MB
impossipong.exe 1 MB
big_bucket_o_games.zip 15 MB